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This Membership Agreement sets forth the conditions under which you are provided an account with the website www.RFIllustrations.com and possibility to use the services available at the website. Please make sure you read this Membership Agreement carefully before setting up an account with RFIllustrations and accessing any membership portions of the website. The website is operated by Pix Technologies Inc.


You are provided with access to the membership portions of the website on condition that you accept the Terms of Use and this Membership Agreement. By accessing any membership portions of the website you automatically agree to the terms and conditions set forth in this agreement and Terms of Use available by the link terms of use. RFIllustrations reserves the right to make all the necessary modifications to this Membership Agreement when deemed necessary without prior notification to its past, prospective or current members.

By continuing to use the website you are automatically accepting any modifications that took place. You are strongly advised to review this agreement periodically and stop using the membership portions of the website the moment any of the terms and conditions of this Membership Agreement or Terms of Use are unacceptable.


We are currently offering three types of license. Each type provides for a specific purpose of use for the image purchased.

Standard Royalty Free License is suitable for commercial use of the picture with examples including websites, blogs, web banners, websites, slide shows, PDF documents, cell phones splash screens, standard resolution video presentations, newsletters, e-cards and other digital materials.

You can alter pictures under this license, including recolor them, use different parts of the drawing or the full body image.

This license does NOT allow using the picture for printing, reselling the picture itself, passing it to a third party or uploading it to file sharing services.

If you need an image for printing, please see our Extended Royalty Free License.

If you need an image for the purpose of printing and selling products with it, please see our Unlimited Royalty Free License.

Extended Royalty Free License is suitable for commercial use of the picture with examples including book illustrations, presentations, headwear, brochures, illustrations, magazine articles, packaging, high-resolution videos, billboards, brochures, advertising, business cards and booklets.

You can alter pictures under this license, including recolor them, use different parts of the drawing or the full body image. You can use pictures under Extended Royalty Free License for creating digital and/or printed products, for limited use and in a limited number.

This license does NOT allow reselling the picture itself, passing it to a third party or uploading it to file sharing services.

If you need an image for the purpose of printing and selling products with it, please see our Unlimited Royalty Free License.

Unlimited Royalty Free License is suitable for commercial use of the picture with examples including calendars, postcards, T-shirts, posters, templates for website designs, prints, engraving templates, wallpaper, puzzles, mugs and other products that come in certain volumes and are available for sale.

You can alter pictures under this license, including recolor them, use different parts of the drawing or the full body image. You can use pictures under Unlimited Royalty Free License to create digital and/or printed products intended for selling.

This license does NOT allow reselling the actual picture, passing it to a third party or uploading it to file sharing services.


RFIllustrations.com offers a system of credits representing an internal kind of currency. You can purchase RFIllustrations credits using such payment methods as PayPal, Visa, E-cheque, MasterCard and Webmoney. One RFIllustrations credit equals one US dollar and no fees are charged when a payment within the website is made.

Upon presentation of your payment details, depending on the type of payment method you choose, you as a purchaser warrant that you are the holder of the card or account from which the money will be transferred and the billing information provided is accurate. By approving the transaction, you authorize RFIllustrations to charge the specified credit card or account for the total amount of the purchase made.

RFIllustrations expressly prohibits chargebacks. In the event a chargeback occurs due to any reason, the member's account will be charged for the amount due, while accounts with negative balance are blocked automatically until the amount due is added.


You acknowledge that you understand this website contains information, files, illustrations, animations, data files, flash files and other kinds of content protected by trademark, copyright and other proprietary rights of RFIllustrations and other parties. You are not allowed to reproduce, transmit, modify, publish, display, distribute, create derivative works or exploit the content available in any other way except for cases when this is expressly permitted in this membership agreement under any of the licenses you purchase. The content is provided to the members who accepted this agreement and terms of use. You may download content only in accordance with the terms of this Membership Agreement and Terms of Use applicable.

You may not remove any copyright notices or watermarks the content comes with until you have purchased a suitable type of license from the website. Unless you sign this agreement with RFIllustrations and purchase a suitable type of license, you may not download, copy, display or distribute any of the content available. RFIllustrations reserves the right to block, restrict, suspend or terminate your access to any part of the website or all of it at any time without proper notice or liability arising from such an action.

You agree that when downloading any content or communicating any information via the website you will not do any of the following:

  1. violate any legal rights of others, including threaten, stalk, abuse, harass or defame other people;
  2. post, distribute or publish any obscene, indecent, defamatory, infringing or unlawful information;
  3. upload or make available in any other way any files or other content protected by property laws applicable unless you have obtained proper consent for that or control/own proper rights;
  4. use any content or communications through the website or any other information obtained via the website in a manner that may give advantage to other businesses competing with RFIllustrations.
  5. gain unauthorized access to any other member accounts with RFIllustrations, as well as networks or computer systems associated with the website, or attempt to obtain any information through any means that have not been intentionally made available through the website.
  6. violate any laws and regulations applicable to proper access to this website and its use, or engage into any type of activity that's expressly or indirectly prohibited by this agreement.


By entering into this Membership Agreement, you confirm that you will always do the following:

  1. provide accurate and complete information and maintain its currency, accuracy and completeness throughout your membership;
  2. maintain the security of your membership information, including your login name and password;
  3. notify RFIllustrations immediately in writing in case you suspect or are aware of unauthorized use of you account and any personal details related to it;
  4. accept any risks that may be associated with your access to RFIllustrations or any unauthorized access.


RFIllustrations respects the intellectual property of others and is committed to protecting the intellectual property rights of artists whose works are uploaded and available to registered members. If you have a reason to believe your intellectual property rights or those of any other parties have been violated, please provide RFIllustrations with a written notice of such an infringement, providing complete and truthful information available to you at that time.

RFIllustrations reserves the right to terminate any license issued to any of the members at any time without any prior notification or liability, including in cases when terms and conditions of the Membership Agreement or the Terms of Use have been violated.


RFIllustrations is committed to treating the privacy of the personal information of any members and subscribers discreetly and respectfully. RFIllustrations will use your personal information, including your name, e-mail address, home address, and other details you provide in accordance with the Privacy Policy statement, which describes our privacy policy and the way we collect, use and disclose the private information of individuals visiting our website and/or registering with us. The contents of the Privacy Policy are incorporated by reference into the present Membership Agreement.


This Membership Agreement is effective from the moment you accept it until the moment it's terminated. This agreement may be terminated at any time provided that you submit a written request to terminate it by e-mailing us at support@rfillustrations.com and confirming your identity and your intention to terminate. RFIllustrations reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to suspend, restrict or terminate your access to the membership portions of the website without prior notice, explanation or liability of any kind, including because of the period of extended inactivity as reasonably determined by RFIllustrations.

Termination of your membership does not have any effect on your responsibility to pay any amounts due to RFIllustrations under this agreement or your obligation to use the website according to the Membership Agreement or any other ones you entered into at the moment you downloaded respective content. Upon termination of your access to this website as a whole or any portions of it, you agree to forfeit any RFIllustrations credits remaining on your account and acknowledge that RFIllustrations rights, defenses and limitations of liability will survive the termination.


This website, including all the services and content available, is provided by RFIllustrations under this Membership Agreement "as is" without express or implied warranty of any kind, including but not limited to implied warranties of non-infringement, fitness for a particular purpose, title or merchantability. RFIllustrations makes no warranty that the quality of any of the content the website contains will meet your requirements or that the access to your account will be uninterrupted. Due to technical difficulties that may occur relating to Internet software or transmission problems, there may be cases when you obtain incomplete or inaccurate copies of the content purchased and downloaded.

RFIllustrations will not be responsible or liable for any computer viruses, malware or any other harmful programs or files that may impact your computer or the use of the files you download while browsing this website or downloading any content from it. RFIllustrations strongly recommends that you should install any required software to protect your computer. By using this website, you assume all the risk and responsibility including without limitation any of the information contained therein.

In no event will RFIllustrations or any of its management, staff, partners, or agents be liable for any indirect, incidental, exemplary, punitive or consequential damages whatsoever (including but not limited to damages from loss of profits or any other pecuniary loss) relating to any action, claim, loss, suit damage or any other proceedings arising out of this Membership Agreement, including the use of any materials the website contains, reliance upon it, its access or use of this website, or any rights you were granted hereunder.

In any event, the total maximum aggregate liability under the present Membership Agreement or resulting from the use of this website or the materials in contains will be limited to $10 (ten) US dollars.


You represent and warrant that when entering this agreement, you are of legal age to use this website and create binding legal obligation for the liability incurred as a result of using this website and any of the content available through it. You agree to be fully responsible for using this website and keeping all of your personal information secure (including your login name and password) without any limitations. You agree to fully supervise the use of the membership portions of this website by any minors residing with you under your name or from your account.


This Membership Agreement be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Czech Republic. This website can be accessed from other countries around the world with laws that may be different from those of the Czech Republic. Any disputes and controversies related to this agreement will be decided exclusively before the courts located in the Czech Republic. You hereby consent to the personal jurisdiction of the country's regional courts.

By using this website, you acknowledge that all matters related to the use of this website or access to it will be governed by the laws of the Czech Republic applicable therein.


If you have any concerns related to this website or the present Membership Agreement, you can contact RFIllustrations at support@rfillustrations.com. You agree with respect to any information you provide to us through his website or via e-mail that RFIllustrations will not have any obligation relating to this information, and your information may not be confidential.

RFIllustrations may use, copy or distribute the information you send, as well as use any concepts or ideas for its own purpose without compensation of any kind. You also confirm that the information you provide is objective and truthful, and disclosure of this information will not violate the rights of others.

You hereby acknowledge that you have carefully read this Membership Agreement and fully understand it. You also agree to the terms and conditions specified in the agreement, recognizing it as the complete and exclusive statement of the agreement reached between RFIllustrations and you and superseding any prior agreements you entered, written or oral.

© 2011 Pix Technologies Inc. All rights reserved.

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